The ongoing battle of today is a battle of ideas.  It is a battle between the individual and the collective.  Who reigns supreme hinges on various principles, but none take center stage like the principle of rights.  Political rights, the right of equal protection under the law, are the bedrock of America and its founding documents.  And as you will see, one cannot have rights of any kind without freedom from coercion, i.e. force.  The logical conclusion is that individual freedom, to any degree, is a direct consequence of economic freedom.

The term laissez-faire means to leave alone, to let the market determine things like price, supply and demand, and wages. These are things that, if determined by government, have only restrictive affects on individual freedom. The battle of ideas can only be won when we acknowledge that the principle of rights reigns supreme, and it must reign supreme in the marketplace most of all.

Politics is a direct result of a people’s philosophical beliefs.  If people want freedom for themselves and their children, they must first accept it and its consequences.  And freedom cannot be had in any political system that places the individual below the collective.  Furthermore, when politics are capable of determining how we live, they must disrupt the marketplace. Such legislation is both feasible and desirable to progressives, leftist, and even Republicans.

Thus, the only moral political system is one that fosters free-market capitalism, because it bars force from human relationships. This is not a system that we have or have ever had in the history of America.  The purpose of this site is to discuss how capitalism, not simply as an economic system but as a full blown political system, is being undermined by our political elite.